When we built our Surgery Center/Medical Office building three years ago, we thought we chose the best, most up-to-date contractor to install and maintain our Nortel phone system. We could not have been more wrong. Sometimes bigger, is not better.

After we completed the initial start up, we were charged time and materials for the vendor to come back and fix its own mistakes. Time after time the techs showed up without the necessary passwords and configuration to perform their job. We had to dispute most of the bills because they charged us for the hours the techs spent trying to learn our system. No information was shared with us, not even the passwords required to access the system.

By the time the UNI-comm staff entered our lives, we were frustrated and highly suspicious of telecom vendors. But Mike Wolski and his team proved to be “just what the doctor ordered.” They cleaned up the mistakes of our prior vendor and brought to our attention some major omissions, such as the fact that no back up tape had been made for our telecom programming. Mike did not charge us to learn our system or for guiding us through some AT&T contract issues. He has been more than fair and honest.

Since the arrival of UNI-Comm, telecom system runs smoothly; we only require assistance with adds, moves and changes. But their wide knowledge base has come in handy many times. Whether it was faxing from our desktops or using our copier as a scanner, our UNI-comm team always figured out a way to make things work.

Mike, your brains, patience and integrity are much appreciated.

Diane Manager of Human Resources and Support Services

Associated Surgical and Medical Specialists

Milwaukee County Research Park - 10437 Innovation Dr. Suite 5. Milwaukee, WI 53226